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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family First Prevention Services Act Passes the House, Contact your Senators!

Please if you care about family, contact your Senators in support of this bill
This excerpt from The Chronicle of Social Change:
“I am working with Sen. Hatch and all our colleagues to pass our bipartisan Family First Prevention Services Act in the U.S. Senate,” said Wyden. “Sending this bill to the president’s desk will help millions of children avoid unnecessarily going through the trauma of being ripped from their families.”
Under Family First, state and county child welfare agencies would be able to tap federal dollars to help pay for services aimed at preventing the need for foster care. IV-E dollars could be used in a match to support substance abuse, mental health and parenting services for parents who are deemed at imminent risk of losing kids to foster care.
IV-E money could be tapped for 12 months of those services.
On the other end, the bill severely restricts federal IV-E dollars when it comes to congregate foster care settings such as institutions, residential care facilities and group homes. The bill cuts off federal support after two weeks, and also includes exceptions for three settings:
  • Qualified residential treatment programs.
  • A prenatal, postpartum or parenting support program.
  • An independent living program for people who remain in foster care after age 18.
The definition of “qualified residential programs” is spelled out in seven sets of criteria within the legislation. They include credentials from one of several accreditation providers, use of a trauma-informed treatment model and the presence of licensed clinical and nursing staff on site during business hours.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stop the Madness in our Children's Systems! Remember the Holocaust!

This girl's story is so moving.  I first saw it on Children's Rights dot Org Facebook page. I believe that narcissistic sadism and sociopathic behaviors are on the rise among the legal profession and that has had a direct influence on the children's systems. I went to school with social work majors and they are often not the brightest academically in colleges. In fact, YSU in Ohio had Social Work majors actually protesting having to take Anatomy and Physiology because it was too hard for them?(see end of comment!) In her book, "The Sociopath Next Door," PhD Martha Stout addresses the lack of empathy and conscience in our culture and says that lawyers are a profession with a high number of sociopaths and people who engage in sociopathic behaviors. I can attest to the sadism I have seen. They are doing to children what the Battered Women's Movement has listed on their pamphlets and brochures as abuse for many years! And so there should be no wonder at what doing that to children produces. The lessons of the Holocaust should be applied to our Children's Systems and the abuse of power of the government employees. My point about the Social Work majors has to do with their tendency NOT to stand up to the brutal judges and lawyers they work with. And their lack of ability to stand and articulate what they are seeing, even if their conscience does bother them.  I challenge everyone to get involved and make your voice heard for these seemingly forgotten people in our society.   

....Greta’s foster care experience began at a group home. “The little freedoms I took for granted were suddenly gone … I was able to interact with the outside world, but only on trips in the big blue van. I felt like a criminal,” she writes.
Greta is now a foster youth liaison, advocating and working with young people transitioning out of foster care. “I can and do demonstrate that thriving is possible. I remember when surviving felt like a chore.”

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our HORRIBLE Foster System

Can't write much at this moment.  I just want to put this out there to help this cause along, since people actually do read this blog.
There is national legislation being proposed to address the horrors of our foster care system.
Foster Youth and Advocates React to Proposed Families First Actby Matt HartmanJanuary 5, 2016Foster Youth in Action, a national foster youth advocacy organization, hosted a webinar just before the holidays wherein youth and advocates shared their thoughts on the proposed Families First Act and other policy issues.* 
...The act seemingly seeks to address a major complaint by advocates that therapeutic group homes are often used as long-term placement options for youth who don’t need them.While the bill may have many potential benefits for youth, advocates are concerned that the bill is doing little to change the system itself. Advocates also point out that the act forces youth out of group homes while providing no alternatives or increased foster parent recruitment strategies to ensure former group home residents have stable places to live.
Group home reform is also in the works at the state level. Alice Bussiere, a staff attorney at Youth Law Center, based in San Francisco, Calif., outlined some of these state-based changes.
In reference to group home placement, Bussiere stated, “Many are there [in group homes] by default, just because nobody’s found another place,” which is a major point in most state-based changes. In Maine, for example, the state government partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to develop more family-based care options and shift away from group homes.
Currently, Washington, Hawaii and Oregon have the highest rates of family-based care. According to Bussiere, the reason is, “Nothing really in specific, except they all really value families.”
God Bless this girl for speaking out about the foster system! I mean it, God bless her. We think we have evolved on so many issues in this nation, with our "modern enlightenment," but on some issues we are just not.   FROM: HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CHILDRENSRIGHTS/?FREF=NF  
"Twenty-two-year old Heather Matheson has spent the last four and a half years speaking out about her time in state care. “I learned my silence would perpetuate other youth feeling ashamed and alone in their struggle,” she writes in the Chronicle of Social Change. “Telling my story wasn’t always easy … but taking an active role in change is way more satisfying than watching it happen from the sidelines.”

From ages 13 to 18, I hated everything about the child welfare system: my social workers, my foster placements, court dates–you name it, I hated it. I…

Thursday, July 16, 2015

More Speech, More Light, More Truth, More Better!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  "More Better" in the title is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  

Oppressors, repressors, dictators, thugs, are all obsessed with controlling the speech of others.  Silencing others is critical to people who wish to maintain control.  Give it up. The true patriot and true lover of freedom is repulsed by the idea of repression of free speech.  
(To see how this is directly impacting Geauga County, OH, be sure to scroll past the song below)

There is literally a physical reaction/repulsion inside the body of a person who really understands the ramifications of truth being squelched.  It is the natural instinct: fight vs flight. People have fought revolutions over it and have run away from the oppression, even risking their lives.  Lovers of freedom desire more exchange and discussion of important matters because more information means better decisions.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” saith the Lord. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."
The idea of reasoning together is ancient wisdom.   That is what should happen in courts of law.   Across our nation, we are giving in to people and giving power to people who do not understand the value of freedom of speech and how it impacts the use of reason and logic in serving to resolve disputes between people.  We should be talking about this because it is impacting all our freedom.  The tendency toward empowering oppressive and dictatorial judges in the third branch of our government is fanning out to all who are supposed to be serving us.  I have heard older citizens complain about the current attitudes of government workers.  The idea that government is to serve the people and that the people who make a living working for the people should realize that when they are at work, they are truly public servants, is being replaced by attitudes of superiority and entitlement.   These trends start at the top of the pecking order and "trickle down," and fan out to the person on the front line or the customer window.  It fans out to the career government bureaucrat who finds joy in harassing regular citizens.   

Giving people, who are intolerant of the views of others, and who have a need and desire to maintain their own feeling of control over others, power over the speech and therefore the freedom of other citizens undermines the freedom of us all.  

  "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote that the answer to objectionable speech “is more speech, not enforced silence.” This seems a most reasonable proposition. If you are offended by someone’s position, you can counter it with your own arguments and expose their error for the world to see and reject. It is a concept that has served our Republic well in the fight for liberty and freedom." - Mario Diaz
Where are we headed as a people if we lose our love of freedom?   There are people who speak about freedom who don't really love it.   They talk about loving the constitution and how they feel shortchanged when in reality, when they are given power over others, they will use it to exert their will and their ideology.   I once knew a man who I used to say was the most legalistic anarchist I had ever seen.  He desired anarchy and a tribal culture to come into play afterwards because he believed he was inherently superior to others and believed he would "naturally" rise to be a leader because of the need of the "average" person to be led.   His name is Dean West and this blog was created in part because he sought to silence me and deny me my first amendment rights.   This blog was created to say to him, "You cannot silence me and you will not silence me."  He didn't want me warning people about his history of abusing women and children. The only real power that man had was the power I gave him, and the power other people he was able to convince gave him.   

Recently I have been exposed to oppressive people, whose deeds show a disregard for the first amendment and a true lack of understanding of it, and an aversion to using reason and logic, because it undermines the power and control needs of those persons.  There are people on this planet who, when they see a strong spirit, feel threatened and have a need from within themselves to beat that spirit down.  When such people have real power over the lives of others, the people on the receiving end are left feeling powerless, and can even be broken down and left powerless in fact.   That feeling of powerlessness can lead to self-destructive decisions in some victims because the self-esteem is undermined, because the person doesn't realize that it isn't them, it is the person who is abusing them with their oppressive power!   Oppressors do not have a consistent and across the board appreciation for the autonomy and dignity and rights of other people under the constitution.   Those rights are only for those they deem deserving, not for all.   They do not really believe all men are created equal.   

As sophisticated and as civilized as we think we are in America, we are not immune from or rid of those with the primal drive to dominate others, learning how to use our more "civil" society's means to achieve that primitive end.   And the feeling welling up in the gut of the true patriot, the true lover of freedom, and the tendency to fight that domination off, is subdued and repressed when we give the oppressor legal authority and real power to beat other people who don't agree with them down.

And the acts of the oppressor can break the spirits of the subdued, causing them real harm, inflicting real pain, and deny them their ability to pursue their life, liberty and happiness.   Sadly, the oppressive/dictatorial/abusive person, also usually has a lack of conscience to go with it, and a sadistic satisfaction in seeing other people crushed and their spirits broken.  Think, for if you have experienced such a person, you have likely seen that look on their face when they were letting you know you had no power to keep them from hurting you.  Think.  

As sophisticated and as "modern" as we think we can be and are, we cannot change human nature.  Good people with consciences can only ever try to rise above it.   When those who recognize this are in a majority in our legislatures, we protect and pass laws to control the oppressors and therefore protect us all and all of our freedom.    Without our freedom of speech and therefore our freedom to reason together, we will be, not may be, subjugated by those who seek to dominate and control.   

How this applies to Geauga County, Ohio, where I live:  Sometimes the caged bird singing is a child removed from their family because the oppressors, who may claim to love the constitution, don't have respect for families that aren't perfect or who don't fit their view of what a family should look like.  Where in the constitution does it say that people's choices to pursue happiness have to fit someone else's mold?  Or where does it say only perfect appearing people have the right to love and be loved by family?  Geauga County has more need for foster care because of an actual, tangible lack of regard for other people's families and the sacrifices they have made, even if they are not perfect, and it seems that GCJFS' director, Mr Swenson (link), did not have the courage to say outright what he alluded to (lawyerly double speak?), that they are putting kids in foster care who shouldn't be there!  Here is the response from the Judge's liason/press secretary, Kim Laurie, as to why kids are being placed as they are.   I agree that it is not all the judge.  GCJFS has a history of mistreating extended family of children and parents they are supposed to be serving.  And, Mr. Swenson is a former attorney for the prosecutor's office in the Family Division.  How has he come to run a social service agency?  Is it politics?  The controversy over Gov. Kasich's appointment for judge in 2011 doesn't seem to end in Geauga County

I am a real lover of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The Ohio law requiring family placement first was put in place by people who do recognize the constitutional ramifications of removing children from their families.  What is happening in my county is a form of Social Darwinism our society has sacrificed to rid itself of!  How ironic that so-called pro-family conservatives and some who claim to love the constitution are engaging in this trend which smacks with a fist the idea of justice for all.  Some of them claim to yearn for the days of the founding fathers, the days when only white, male property owners had the right to vote.  

There are broader issues the trend in our family/juvenile courts impact and are a result of. There is the underlying lack of regard for constitutional rights and the fact that lawyers give theirs up to become officers of the court. There is the monarchical folly that is our third branch. It needs to be dismantled as it is. The skeleton can stay, and some of the organs, like the heart, which would be the idea of justice for all. The notion that the legal cult is a separate class of people, who are not accountable like the regular folk needs to go! I could go on and on but I won't. Number one in my life is my family. I would say that is true for most people, no matter who they call family. Are there enough non-brainwashed legal cult members to even get these ideas of freedom? Or, are there enough with the will to change it? I am not the first person to realize these things about our third branch.
Sources for information on the negative impact of removing children from their families: 

The views expressed here are my opinions, as all the views expressed on this blog are my opinions. Two of my ancestors fought for our freedom from tyranny in the American Revolutionary War, Richard Tennant and John Boone. I love the First Amendment and freedom, love to the very core of my being.

A favorite quote: "We ask the wrong questions when we give people power. The question may not be "is she extremely smart." The question may not be "does he share my values." The question is "does this person view power over other lives as an entitlement, or as a tool to be used with the gravest concern and reluctance?" The question may be, "does this person have the strength of character to exercise power sparingly, the self-discipline to keep his or her basest instincts in check while wielding huge power over people's lives?" - Ken White, Popehat

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why are we so quick to drug our kids in America?

I don't believe in drugging kids to keep adults from accountability.  Too often that is the case.

Where is common sense?

Here is an interesting article:

Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

French children don't need medications to control their behavior.
Post published by Marilyn Wedge Ph.D. on Mar 08, 2012 in Suffer the Children
In the United States, at least 9 percent of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than .5 percent. How has the epidemic of ADHD—firmly established in the U.S.—almost completely passed over children in France?
Is ADHD a biological-neurological disorder? Surprisingly, the answer to this question depends on whether you live in France or in the U.S. In the United States, child psychiatrists consider ADHD to be a biological disorder with biological causes. The preferred treatment is also biological—psycho stimulant medications such as Ritalin and Adderall.
French child psychiatrists, on the other hand, view ADHD as a medical condition that has psycho-social and situational causes. Instead of treating children's focusing and behavioral problems with drugs, French doctors prefer to look for the underlying issue that is causing the child distress—not in the child's brain but in the child's social context. They then choose to treat the underlying social context problem with psychotherapy or family counseling. This is a very different way of seeing things from the American tendency to attribute all symptoms to a biological dysfunction such as a chemical imbalance in the child's brain...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Change the Courts; Change the Nation

Our courts are a remnant of the monarchical past and the thinking that goes along with getting along in them is in extreme opposition to liberty.
First, give attorneys back their full constitutional rights to free speech.
Change "officers of the court" to advocates before the court.
Make the courts pro se friendly.
Change the rules that protect bad decisions with regard to filing motions to correct mistakes. Wrong is wrong, and a court proclaiming lies are truth doesn't make them truth in actual objective reality.
Make finding objective reality the stated goal of presiding over all issues.

Don't reduce the standards of evidence, but enforce them equally in all courts! Right now the rules of evidence are mostly enforced in criminal courts and even there, innocent people go to jail.

All these things would change the mentality from monarchical to that of public servants.
End immunity for any and all who collect a government check, the people's money.
Make all grievances public information, to protect the people and the people complaining.

Changing the thinking of those who work in the legal system is key to changing the nation because statistically attorneys are the most likely to become politicians aka, "leaders." The mentality of, "leaders," sets the tone for all other government positions. How can lawyers fully appreciate fundamental rights of citizens if a required part of obtaining and keeping their job is giving them up?   

There are broader issues the trend in our courts impact and are a result of. There is the underlying lack of regard for constitutional rights and the fact that lawyers give theirs up to become officers of the court. There is the monarchical folly that is our third branch. It needs to be dismantled as it is. The skeleton can stay, and some of the organs, like the heart, which would be the idea of justice for all. The notion that the legal cult is a separate class of people, who are not accountable like the regular folk needs to go! I could go on and on but I won't. Number one in my life is my family. I would say that is true for most people, no matter who they call family . Are there enough non-brainwashed legal cult members to even get these ideas of freedom? Or, are there enough with the will to change it? I am not the first person to realize these things about our third branch.

There is a common sense bible verse in James 1:8 that can be modified to apply to the inner conflict lawyers face, the conflict between being forced to succumb to tyranny and the freedom to speak out against it; they are "double-minded and unstable in all they do." So, logic dictates the outcome, evident in many of the problems our nation continually faces, problems that seem to never be solved.

I believe there is little hope for the shift we need to see as a nation until the thinking of lawyers is changed, for it impacts morals and ethics that are applied every day, in all matters. History supports the notion that changes in thought are fundamental to societies moving toward freedom and away from tyranny.

The views expressed here are my opinions, as all the views expressed on this blog are my opinions. Two of my ancestors fought for our freedom from tyranny in the American Revolutionary War, Richard Tennant and John Boone. I love the First Amendment and freedom, love to the very core of my being.

From Desmond Tutu's An African Prayer Book:
Goodness is stronger than evil, Love is stronger than hate;
Light is stronger than darkness, life is stronger than death;
Victory is ours, Victory is ours
through God who loves us.
Victory is ours, Victory is ours
through God who loves us.
Music by John Bell

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Have a Diagnosis but YOU are CRAZY!

All you Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil fans and even those of you who aren't, surely you have seen the talking heads on the news when we have some sort of crisis caused by some person who didn't get proper mental health treatment. But many Americans are on psychotropic drugs.

Here is an interesting article from the APA:
Inappropriate prescribing - Research shows that all too often, Americans are taking medications that may not work or may be inappropriate for their mental health problems....Today, patients often receive psychotropic medications without being evaluated by a mental health professional, according to a study last year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many Americans visit their primary-care physicians and may walk away with a prescription for an antidepressant or other drugs without being aware of other evidence-based treatments — such as cognitive behavioral therapy — that might work better for them without the risk of side effects......The use of psychotropic drugs by adult Americans increased 22 percent from 2001 to 2010, with one in five adults now taking at least one psychotropic medication, according to industry data. In 2010, Americans spent more than $16 billion on antipsychotics, $11 billion on antidepressants and $7 billion for drugs to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The rapid growth of all three classes of drugs has alarmed some mental health professionals, who are concerned about the use of powerful antipsychotic drugs by elderly nursing home residents and the prescription of stimulants to children who may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD....
Many people go to their family doctor so they can avoid labelling that is easily traced.
I have had PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, since my childhood, I am told. I am on no meds. PTSD can mimic different disorders at different times and for me, there are no predominate symptoms so no magic pill. I have had to learn new ways to think. I try to live as stress free a life as possible.

At this time, I am living through an enormously stressful period because I am having to deal with a number of people who may not have ever had any diagnosis but who appear to be nuts!

What can be done about people who have power over others but have no idea about personal boundaries, and who operate reflexively based on what they think they need at any given moment? People whose thinking and reasoning appears to defy logical thought?

Well, I am doing everything I can do about it, but I can't write about it here.

But I simply have to let this out, as the title says, I might have a diagnosis, but YOU are NUTS! If you happen to see this, you should know who you are.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ariel Castro, Dean West and Sexual Sadism

UPDATE 4/2/15:  How someone like this can appear normal is frightening and people should never assume that what is in front of them is the complete picture.  
'He was so romantic': Woman who dated Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro speaks out about their 'completely normal' sex life in new book and says she never knew about the women imprisoned in his basement
Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook 

5/8/13 - I am only going to write for a bit right now.  I am having flashbacks, crying, and thinking about all that is unfolding in Cleveland since I began following the news about the three women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who are now free after being kidnapped and held captive for years. 

On CNN Mary Ellen O'Toole described the "alleged" perp, Ariel Castro, as a sexual sadist, a sexual deviant.  Here is an exerpt and a link to a transcript of one conversation with her, but I don't think it is the exact one I saw:
COSTELLO: All right. All right, thank you very much Julio Castro and Martin Savidge.

Martin you're going to stick around. Thank you so much. I want to bring in Mary Ellen O'Toole now. She served as one of the most senior profilers for the FBI until her 2009 retirement. She joins us by phone from Milan, Italy. Thank you so much for being with us this morning Mary Ellen and we appreciate this.

MARY ELLEN O'TOOLE, FORMER SENIOR FBI PROFILER (via telephone): You're welcome.

COSTELLO: This is such an odd case. It just defies belief that one man was able to hold three women captive for a decade and nobody really noticed. What kind of man would -- what kind of man would want to do that? Would do that?

O'TOOLE: Well, my sense is what we're looking at based on other cases that I have worked that this is someone who would be defined or characterized as a sexual sadist and a sexual sadist is a -- it's very unusual individual and they're motivated by keeping their victims for days, weeks, months or years. And the actual definition is that they are sexually aroused by the victim's response to the infliction of physical or emotional pain.

And we've had cases like this in the past. We've had cases where the victims have been kept under the bed, in a bunker. Again, it's unusual, but when I'm hearing all the details that are coming out, I would suspect there is a good possibility that this is someone who is very sexually sadistic. It does not mean that he is crazy.

So I want to make sure that people understand that. This is a sexual -- sexual deviancy. And it's a very, very dangerous sexual deviancy.

I immediately had flashbacks and remembered that at a certain point, after having been brutalized by Dean West repeatedly, and yes, held against my will at times, I said to myself, and I think I might have written it somewhere on this blog, that Dean became sexual aroused while inflicting pain on me.  And one night, when he had stayed up most of the night watching porn on my computer, this very computer, he told me he looked at many, many women's pictures, before he found just the right facial expressions.  He said he only found 1 that night that really aroused him.   I could go on right now, describing how he hurt me, the blows, hair-pulling, the hand bending and squeezing, etc, etc, etc, and how when I returned to Illinois in the fall of 2008, he made me take off my clothes and he locked them in his van along with my suitcases and I was ordered not to look out the windows.   I could tell you how he bragged about his triple pane, argon-gas-filled windows which kept the neighbors and passersby from hearing women, myself included, scream.  I could describe the look in his eye when he had hurt me and became aroused by it and demanded to have sex.   But right now I am just too upset.  I am letting some of this out, a little of it, so I can go on with my day, and I will pray for these women.  No, I didn't suffer to the extent they did, but I have suffered some of what they did and have had a glimpse into the life they have had to live for years and my heart weeps for them!  God help them in their journey of healing from those atrocities!  The Cleveland Foundation is now over-seeing a fund set up to help Amanda, Gina and Michelle, the Cleveland Courage Fund at

This morning on the news there was an interview with one of the people who saw the naked woman in the yard who says they called the police and weren't taken seriously.  Last evening I saw an interview with man who said he was one of those people.   One of the things I have been blogging about here is how crime victims are treated by law enforcement.  I should have been taping all the dispatchers I talked to who didn't act appropriately or correctly.  I should have been taping every law enforcement person who blew off Dean West's crimes...but I didn't.  I don't walk around with my tape recorder and frankly, that is not the way I want to live my life.  Plus I have post traumatic stress disorder and don't always act to protect or defend myself in an organized and effective way.  Plus, the idea that people have to defend themselves against incompetent or uncaring law-enforcement officials goes against what I thought I learned as a girl, about what it means to be an American, about what it means to matter because I am an American citizen.  It goes against the idea that people who take those jobs do it because they want to serve the public and the public interest.  Now, I am a realist when it comes to human nature and what it takes to rise above the selfish side of human nature.  If everyone would stop pretending that all of law-enforcement care deeply about protecting people from crime and investigating crimes, and just accept that those people fall into temptation because of human nature, then maybe realistic problem solving of the issues might take place on a wide spread basis.  Hearing that witnesses to a naked women in Castro's backyard were blown off by Cleveland Police doesn't surprise me.   Not one bit.  I believe it happened.

The police usually come in after crimes are already committed.  We all have a responsibility to pay attention, to care, to not "mind our own business," and to be our brother's keeper, and to try to accept the reality that seems to be becoming more of a reality, that things are not always what they seem and that people are often not what they appear to be.

And to any woman, or any person, who is still helping him get away with having hurt other women?  Shame on you!  Wake up, face the reality you probably know in your heart, even if it is only in fleeting moments that you realize the reality of what you are dealing with, what you are accepting.  You are helping a monster achieve independence from accountability.

Another thing I saw this morning was one of the "talking heads," as I call the people tv news pulls on for interviews ( I think it was on Fox), commenting on a Plain Dealer article which cites court documents in which Ariel Castro's ex-wife claimed to have suffered severe injuries at the hands of Castro.  The commentator was explaining, when asked how such brutality never resulted in criminal charges, that people say many things and make many claims during custody battles.  I thought to myself, that was so typical of the attitudes of lawyers and because the lawyers are the top of the criminal justice pecking order, that attitude has "trickled down" to police. Uh-huh!  I have called the protection order court in Sangamon County a "mill" in previous posts.  Our society is becoming increasingly more violent.  What are we doing to do about it?  Don't mind your own business.  Get involved.  And don't think you can leave it to the "experts."  We all have a responsibility to fight crime!  One way to get involved is the National Night Out Against Crime.  Be a nosy neighbor!  I am.  For information see .
Court records indicate Ariel Castro fought with his former wife, Grimilda Figueroa, over the custody of their children. Figueroa twice suffered a broken nose, as well as broken ribs, a knocked-out tooth, a blood clot on the brain and two dislocated shoulders, according to a 2005 filing in Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court. In the filing, her attorney requested that a judge "keep [Castro] from threatening to kill [Figueroa]."
Attorney Robert Ferreri said Figueroa "has full custody with no visitation for [Castro]. Nevertheless, [Castro] frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from their mother." Figueroa died last year. Ferreri could not be reached. Any record of charges being filed could not be located.

Dean West can be found here now: -  Mission Standard Academy   Yeah right.
Some of the people discussed on this blog are or have been supposed directors of what have been purported to be charitable foundations, The Myria Foundation, and The Encyclopedia Foundation, and so are public figures subject to public scrutiny of their character. I was a duped into becoming involved, first as a "director" of The Encyclopedia Foundation and then as a "Founding Director" of The Myria Foundation, which I co-created, verifiable with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. I paid to incorporate The Myria Foundation and I have a legal right to discuss it. This is MY life, and I am a witness to and victim of crimes no one seems to want to do anything about (though last I knew there is an open criminal case against him in Sangamon County). I have over 2 feet of documents and hours of wav. files to back me up and the alleged illegal behaviors I write about here have been reported to the FBI, the Attorney General's office in Illinois, the State's Attorney of Sangamon County and the Springfield Police, the Ashtabula County, Oh, Sheriff and prosecutor, the Sangamon County, IL, Sheriff, and are part of various court records. It is my layman's opinion that Dean West is a sociopath, based on observed and documented behaviors. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." As a good citizen of the USA, I am outraged that Mr. West has been allowed to victimize me. His modus operandi is so clear. He uses his current female victim/s to help him get away with what he did to the last one. The domestic violence community is missing the boat on that aspect: women who stay in abusive relationships are sick. Allowing them to determine public policy and prosecution does not protect the public. Most men who beat women do not murder, they simply move on to the next victim. Most recently, Mr. West was charged with Domestic Violence against yet another female partner/director of the "foundation" (but she didn't show up at the trial and Judge Sanchez wouldn't grant the prosecutor a continuance to find her!) and just prior to that was on probation for resisting a peace officer, which started out as assault of a police officer. I know there is a warrant out for him violating the RO of one of his net victims in Paterson, New Jersey and there is a felony warrant for him out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota right now also for a sixth degree felony, violation of a stalking restraining order. Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 440-285-2648 . (Google "Kathleen Callahan and Ambien" and "Janet Makinen and Ambien" for links with information showing Kathleen Callahan was a public figure prior to becoming a director. I, Robin D. West, am the sole owner of this blog and claim copyrights to it's content and to the intellectual property contained herein.