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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Illinois, Land of Lincoln, Land of Corruption

It is no wonder there are people there the likes of Blagovich.

Based on my experiences with people in Illinois, even the nicest of them, I have to wonder if there is something in the water, the air, or in the public education system which contributes to a seeming lack of ability to think independently, and, to sort out the truth and/or what is right.

I talked to a police officer yesterday who told me that people in Illinois say that if a person wants to get away with killing someone, they should move to Sangamon County.

A man gets away with brutally beating me and I sit here wondering if lies are going to get me in trouble for the honest mistake of not remembering that someone was on the e-mail list for this blog.   In a screwed up system where the police don't even want to take reports of crimes from victims.

I was told by Detective Oaks of the Springfield PD once that men there regularly claim that their wives or partners beat themselves up in Domestic Violence cases where it is the victim's word against the perpetrator. 

I asked the police if the statement from the man from New York would be included in the well-check report S09104108.  Nope.   It figures.

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