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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Question Authority

Of course, I actually mean to question authority.  Who might benefit by discouraging people from doing so?

Are witness/victim advocates working for the prosecutors goingto be true advocates all of the time or are they required to be rubber stamps for lies and bad decisions or for attorneys who are lacking in court room skills, or for incomplete investigations by law enforcement?   Any smart person might fall into temptation knowing they have a job that is not subject to criticism.  

Where are the watchdogs when it comes to the courts?   Prosecutors?   How many lawyers are actually activists for change?

I think that the entire system needs to be busted wide open.   Instead of handing out more money to people who might be morally corrupted simply by having gone to law school, make the courts accessible to the common man.  I don't mean lower the standards of evidence for they have been lowered enough in some places.

More to come.

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