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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Anti-Social Personality vs Your Average Jerk - aka - No More Drama For Me - aka - Twice In One Lifetime?

I was involved in a triangle and the guy was trying to protect his living arrangements and didn't want me to get close to her to tell her he was a cheat.   So, he lied, like a rug.  Unlike the highly intelligent sociopath I have been involved with recently, that guy was just your average, on the dumb side, jerk.  His MO wasn't sociopathic, in fact, his relentless drive to pursue me for sex helped me win the case!    I was charged with menacing by stalking for????  Things like putting up posters of him with a turkey he hunted and a caption warning all women in the area that he had a diabetic related urinary leakage problem and hmmm, hanging a note on his gf's front door about another woman he was involved with who happened to be the daughter of his father's live-in?  He was harassing me on hunting and fishing chat rooms, publicly!  And the phone harassment?  Wow, it was 11 blubbering-woman messages telling her where she could find him cheating so I could get him off my back online.  He used to follow me into hunting and fishing chats, hit on women in "whisper" while telling all the men in there openly that I was his!  She POINT BLANK lied, said I threatened her and they paid 75 bucks to have me charged in a county where one can pay for prosecution.  I found out later the prosecutor never even listened to the tapes and simply took her word on a sworn and lying statement!  He and I had been involved for a couple of years before all that happened.   When it started out he was just seeing both of us, then when he lost his job of 20 years and couldn't work anymore due to a mental illness, he moved into a 2nd house she had conned an old woman she had met working home health care into giving her, much to the dismay of the woman's family.  He was dependent and desperate.  I was charged with trespassing when I went to his house, which was her second house, on an e-mail invitation from him and he held me there against my will while she drove over, helped him assault me and literally drag me out of my car.  And the assault was actually on the 911 call for help tape!  I am NOT kidding.  I had also been invited there just a couple nights before and had spent HOURS.  He said they had broken up.  I learned how to tape record people from that experience and tape that man I did.  I also took his picture in my driveway, because the big HORNY dope kept coming over, trying to use those charges to blackmail me into having relations with him.  I lived in a different county than them and my prosecutor's office told me to call the sheriff when he came over.  I did, and accused him of sexual assault and blackmail, which was true. To defend against it he stood in my kitchen with an Ashtabula County Sheriff's Deputy and the Orwell Village Police Chief and admitted to having a relationship with me!  I took that report right down to the courthouse where my case was.  I had a great lawyer at that point, a judge's son, but even the best try to get you to plead.  I dug in my heels and said in a very firm voice, "NO way am I giving up my constitutional rights for a lying scumbag and his lying nutcase vengeful woman."

And so, in the end it was DISMISSED!  All of it. I just haven't had the 50 bucks a charge to get the arrest record expunged.  It's zip 44444 in Ohio for anyone who has been privately given my name or been invited to a site where they could see my name, to look it up.  I am not giving my name here.  Check it out.  The sociopath I have been writing about knows all this and how it hurt me, and he knew all about it when he married me.  The best way to turn things around on a liar is with their own words, so, I also taped my sociopath.

 That experience taught me a lot, about injustice, the value of our rights and freedoms, the sometimes huge egos of prosecutors and their unwillingness to admit when they were duped.  And about how they are protected by law to do so!  Having been actually falsely accused, I would never falsely accuse someone.  Everyone who knows me knows I am unyielding when it comes to that.  I consider it one of my strongest areas morally.

I have worked in group homes for the MR population in recent years and last year I worked in an assisted living home for seniors.  The county I worked in requires a background check that is more than asking the local police department to fill out a form.  I had an FBI background check in January 08.  Clean, clean clean.  I am not proud I was involved in such a mess.   I started participating in online political discussion to vent my disgust over it.   I have empathy for people caught up in the plea mill I would not have had otherwise.   As I said, the night they wouldn't let me leave I had an e-mail from the guy inviting me there.   One cop, the one I call the good cop, looked at it and said that it was verifiable.  The other cop, the one I call the guy with the chip on his shoulder said he didn't care about "any internet anything."  They separated us and this white, middle-aged, raised in the burbs American wasn't used to being told to shut up when voicing my opinion about injustice.  I heard his lying nutcase woman, who at that time was his fiancee, lying like a rug and I said in a loud voice, "She's lying!"  I was ordered to shut-up by chip in his shoulder.  Some time passed and I knew the longer they spun their tale the worse it was for me, and again I called out, "She's lying!"   I was cuffed, humiliated and against every bit of advice I had ever heard to remain silent, I sat in the holding cell crying and writing out a three page statement that actually got me released on my own recognizance and the sympathy of the prosecutor, FINALLY!

The victim's advocate, who at that time was the director of legal advocacy at that county's battered women's shelter, was my advocate from the get-go.   I even have a crappy public defender story, because his deal left me vulnerable to more false charges and blackmail.  He identified me as the real victim at the very first of it and was a nice man.  He hooked me up with the victim's advocate.   His work though, was what led to them being able to wrangle me some more.   My $3,000.00 attorney is some of the best money I have spent in my life.  I worked with the MR population then and anyone who has done that knows that sometimes you have to clean up poop.  I used to say, when it was all fresh, that lawyer cost me the cleaning up of a lot of poop.
I know the value of truth and freedom and anyone who would EVER think this proud American would falsely accuse anyone of a crime is barking up the wrong tree, as they say.   No way.  I am slow to judge other people, perhaps to a fault, always looking for the objective truth.  Yes, there is an objective truth.  It always exists.   We might not be able to see it clearly, but I believe knowing it is to be striven toward.  A pragmatic realist I am, hoping to live in and accept objective reality, no matter how much it hurts to see it.  The experience of being falsely accused and overcoming it, fertilized that part of my philosophy of life.   I am immovable when it comes to it.  

This is not the first time I have shared this online.  I used to manage a big political discussion board with over 900 members.  I first told it there, publicly, in the safety of my very own public group.  I am happy to say I feel safe discussing this here on EP.  It is the sort of environment I strove for on a dog eat dog politics group, believe it or not.   Very cool thing about this place, the safety aspect. I have experienced public humiliation in years past on the web service my political discussion board was on. Like a politician or a celebrity with skeletons, I learned to deal with it, but, I did circulate the police report from my county where the cops were standing in my kitchen with him, while he admitted to seeing me while trying to call me a stalker.

Life Lesson:  There are people in this world who lie.  They lie to get what they need or want and they do not care if the consequences might be that someone could lose something as precious and basic as their freedom.   That is wrong.  It is morally reprehensible.   Is it sociopathic?  If a person with an anti-social personality is doing it, yes, it can be an observable behavior among others.   Some people are just mean, hateful and selfish.   I have written about a sociopath who took everything from me on another story.   I have come to grips with what my being involved in those two situations says about me.   After this incident, I avoided anything resembling it.  Any appearance that the two situations are similar is surface.  The last man, who I married and I, were in an intense relationship, as intense as he is, which is pretty intense.   He was a master manipulator where the man in this situation is a bumbling fool.   I thank him for that.   I moved from that area in October 08 and right up until the very end, the man kept coming over to my house hoping to hook up.   I declined repeatedly, sometimes by running upstairs and flinging open the hall window on the driveway side and yelling that I wasn't dressed and couldn't come downstairs.   He never stopped coming though and the sociopath/former husband who tries to use this skeleton in my closet in his own defense saw the man pull in and drive around the circle one day in March 2008.  He left without stopping to visit.  My husband waved at him.   He didn't wave back.

I talked to the man I was "stalking" last week.  Did I tape him?  You bet.
Note: I was given custody of a child by a GAL while the charges were pending in this case because I fought to rescue the child from parents surrounded by people on drugs.   I am a good and upstanding person.  It was INSANE I was treated that way, just as it was insane that I was abused severely by a sociopath and he was not charged.  Sometimes, justice seems to be just an abstract term.   I realize that the truth is actually sometimes in the middle, but there is ALWAYS an objective truth and reality.  I pray to see it, live in it, and fight for it to be seen by others when a situation calls for it." 

(Note-This is my own writing and is obviously from awhile back, copied and pasted from experience project 
I started calling what Mr. McIntosh did back then (public record) the Joey Buttafuoco defense for cheating a long time ago.  Turns out, when I found I discovered Mary Jo Buttafuoco wrote a book about her sociopathic husband!  Who would have believed this could happen to me twice in one lifetime.  I wrote about setting my heart to repel liars.  Women can be and are liars too.  Shirley McIntosh was worse than Mike.  Mike did me a favor being so crazy that he kept coming over and calling me up.  Shirley lied in sworn statements to the police, more than once and that is diabolical.   Yet, she is respected in her work.  What have our morals become in this nation?   I wonder about this generation coming up.   I know what happened in the 70s.  I was there.  In the 80s and 90s I was raising my kids and have to admit, they are not perfect, but the cream rises to the top and I am proud of them today, very proud and blessed to share a house with my daughter.  I get to take care of my grandchildren every day and can influence them to be honest and loving.)

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