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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My dear friends, Janet, Sharyn and Jim

What can I say that would convey how much it has meant to me for you three to be supporting me in all this?

I could not have survived this without you.

Sharyn, I am sorry I did not listen to your warnings and your heartfelt concern early on in fall of 07.  I am sorry for what I assisted Dean in on Politicus Maximus the Extreme, my old MSN group, before he made me delete it.  You truly were his victim and didn't deserve that one bit.   Like every woman in the demographic, I have been an enabler and have assisted him, knowingly and unknowingly, in hurting other women, and you are one.   I love you and Jim and look forward to many years of pleasant conversation with such a bright and honest and loving person.  (My kitty-cat Lucy told me so and she doesn't lie.  The cats in the hood here said word has spread across this cat nation -- Sharyn is cool!) 

 Jim, thanks for trying, for telling me point blank I was sick, and for warning me not to be a fool and give up everything for a madman.   I am sorry I didn't listen.  So sorry, on so many levels.   I am blessed to have this friendship with you both rise out of the ruins of these last two and a half years.  Together we might make one good lawyer, but I don't think I actually have the stomach for it.  However, it is nice that you think I have some natural ability.  I enjoy reading your submissions to the newspapers there and look forward to a time when there will be more time to read them carefully.  I thank your uncle and daddy lawyer too, God rest their souls.

Janet,  Kizmet you say?   It is indeed, for this loner needed a friend like you.  I was a loner when I met Dean because I was busy doing what was needed for my grandchildren and my daughters.   The idea that I could be so blessed with such a gem of a friend in all this muck does speak to your dad and his legacy in you.  Too bad that the woman you met through the Ambien lawsuit (public figure - Google Kathleen Callahan and Ambien and Janet Makinen and Ambien) that you helped afterward with thousands and thousands of dollars in monetary, educational and material aid did not even have enough respect for you to listen to your care and concern over her involvement with a violent man.  It makes me sick that the van he is driving, since the one he bilked Kathy out of is not reliable,  is one you paid for.  To think that through that, I have such a treasure of a friend, who listens, really listens, and supports me and my efforts is amazing.  You are an awesome lady!  Love ya.

~Thank you~

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