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Saturday, December 26, 2009

There once was a woman who stole a house...

There is a woman in Springfield, who tells people she was so loved by a man in another state that he gave her almost five thousand dollars to buy a house.


He loaned her the money during a period in when he was having a hard time even paying his child support but, she cared not.  And when he questioned her in recent months on when she was going to start paying him back, she stopped talking to him.  And another woman, the man's ex-wife, who was supposedly her great friend too, whose child this woman didn't mind depriving so she could buy her five thousand dollar house in Springfield for cash?   She knows that the con woman is just that, a con, who helped make certain there was no reconciliation of the marriage, while playing at being friends to the both of them.

This same woman, the woman who stole the house, lost custody of her child because of crack.

This same woman, when she began to feel the wrath of Dean West herself, sought out the New Jersey victim online and wrote to her about her fear of him in e-mail and had a telephone conversation about it.  She also told the Paterson, New Jersey victim, whose RO Dean West violated, for which there is a warrant for his arrest, that she lied for Dean.   She told other people in Springfield she had lied for Dean out of fear too.  And the police know about that, specifically Detective Anderson.

This same woman came to me when I was first there in November 08, and acted as if she were my kindred spirit, as if she feared for my safety, but when I shared with her about the abuse that had been inflicted upon me, and showed her my bruises, she turned on me later, when it benefited her and caused me to be beaten even more, for "disloyalty."

This same woman committed perjury, more than once in Sangamon County.  This would be the woman he met at the breadline at St. John's when he first rolled into Springfield in the RV he extorted out of the South Dakota victim, and he parked on her lawn.

What does she owe Dean?  He helped her trick one of her exes, a man with a mental illness, out of his car.

And, I am willing to bet money, she is helping him con his latest prey, by backing his lies, and pretending he is not what he is, and probably by lying about me.

Women can be con artists.

Women can have criminal minds, acting to protect criminal men when it benefits them.

Women can self-serving and mean just as well as men can.
And Dean seeks out such women as accomplices/victims.

In a A VICTIM NO MORE I wrote about how his latest mark lied to the police after fleeing him in fear for her life.   The prosecutor and the police have the information, but the demographic group he targets doesn't seem to be important to law enforcement.  

I happen to know she, the women who stole the house, bought cocaine for Dean, which he snorted in the "foundation" house.  I saw it myself.  She turned her head while he gave crack whores cell phones as payment, for she knew about them and had access to the cell phone bill as "secretary/treasurer."   She cared not when he entertained crack whores on the "foundation" property.   For she has her own illegal addictions.  I reported the cell phone-crack prostitute connection to the drug task force in Springfield.  Whether they did anything with the information, I have no idea, but the report that I reported it, has been reported to Detective Anderson and the Sangamon County State's Attorney.  Once again, a simple phone record would prove a lot.   Do they care?  Time will tell.  If it were their family members or personal friends or perhaps even their associates who were harmed by this man, I am certain they would do what they could to make sure he couldn't hurt anyone else.   They might even do it for a community member or constituent.   However, Springfield is known, as I was recently informed by a University of Illinois Springfield police officer, for being a place one can live unpunished if one wants to get away with "murder."    Sad huh?

The police and the prosecutor have the evidence that the woman is a liar and that she feared Dean herself, but to people like that, their comfort and their survival comes before any sort of standard of decency or feeling of obligation to society in helping protect other women from being victimized by someone they know is a violent person and a criminal mind.

As I said, I would be willing to bet money she is still helping the con man con.

I was sucked up into a sick world I never had any interest in being involved in....and he knew it, for he knew how I had given information to the drug task force in Ashtabula County and he knew I had fought for my own family to be unharmed by drug people, and he knew I took in a dog a meth head had broken the leg of and he knew I fought for charges against that person.   Yet he cared not, for I had a potential psychopasthic/sociopathic purpose to serve .... for a time.

(QUALIFICATION: The people discussed on this blog are or have been supposed directors of what have been purported to be charitable foundations, The Myria Foundation, and The Encyclopedia Foundation and so are public figures subject to public scrutiny of their character. I was a duped into becoming involved, first as a "director" of The Encyclopedia Foundation and then as a "Founding Director" of The Myria Foundation, verifiable with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. I paid for the incorporation of The Myria Foundation and I have a legal right to discuss this.  This is MY life, and I am a witness to crimes no one seems to want to do anything about. I have over 2 inches of documents and hours of wav. files to back me up and the alleged illegal behaviors here have been reported to the Attorney General's office in Illinois as well as the State's Attorney of Sangamon County and the Springfield Police, and are part of various court records.  It is my layman's opinion that Dean West is a sociopath, based on observed and documented behaviors.  He is on probation right now for resisting a peace officer and I know there is a warrant out for him violating the RO of one of his net victims in Paterson, New Jersey and to the best of my knowledge there is a warrant out of South Dakota right now also.  Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 440-285-2648. Google "Kathleen Callahan and Ambien" for links with information showing Kathleen Callahan is a public figure.  My friend Janet Makinen was involved in that suit as well and you can see her involvement if you google her name with Ambien.)

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