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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

State's Atty Roma Larson covers her own butt..... while I pay the price

I paid the price in Spring of 08 so that Roma Larson could lie to her boss when I appealed to her, thus enabling Dean to trick me out of EVERYTHING, 11 years of accumulated goods and built up security and to trick me into moving to Tucson, in order to provoke my suicide.  So, the DV State's Attorney, former member of the Human Rights Commission in Illinois didn't give a damn about my human rights over her own reputation at work, even stooping to lying about me, about the case, about the actual turn of events.  Lt. Peters of the Springfield Police Department and Detective Sgt Anderson both told me that my problem was the prosecutor and that they weren't going to spend anymore time and/or money investigating my leads if the prosecutor didn't tell them they would charge Dean if they found anything to support charges.  And now, Roma Larson is sitting on a bigamy report, easily validated if they just request that the Sheriff do a nationwide divorce check.  Is this typical lawyer behavior today or a character flaw?  That in itself is debatable.  So her lies helped a habitual liar, a con man, sociopath/psychopath get away AGAIN, with attempted murder.  See the following links
for a letter she wrote in 2008 which contained lies and a fax I sent to State's Attorney John Milhiser who said he didn't know why the police were telling me that.  I, my daughter and my friend Janet Makinen met with him in October 09.

More to come...

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