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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blunder, blunder, oh what a blunder....

 I thought today was the 120th day since I filed the suit in federal court, and so, I thought he had to be served by today, so, according to R.4(m) of the federal rules of civil procedure, I filed a request for an extension, only to find that the pauper's petition has to be granted first but has been lost somewhere in all the paperwork down there since March???   I followed the instructions on the Northern District of Ohio website for the federal court when I filed, and so I sent a waiver of service of summons.   The clerk showed me a docket entry that the pauper's petition was handed over to a staff attorney, for that is who generally drafts an order for the judge.  Lost in a pile?   I am kind of at a loss for words.   

Also, since I posted the last photobucket account on here, someone, perhaps Dean, or perhaps some net troll type of person, is responsible for it's demise.   Too much real evidence on there he doesn't want people to see that is for sure.   Stuff about the McNealy's of South Dakota.  Stuff Kathy Warren had filed with the court in Illinois when she got her two, count em two separate protection orders against him.  Also, there were actual phone records on there from him blowing up my cell phone last summer.  Ah well, there is always youtube and google docs.   Public records are public records. 

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