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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Updated: Congressman LaTourette, Ohio State Rep. Newcomb and the Ashtabula County Commissioners

I have to change the youtube, and should have awhile ago, because it seems that Congress people have written into the House Rules that they cannot get involved in individual criminal cases.   This was clarified for me after receiving two e-mails assuring me of his intent to do whatever he, Congressman LaTourette, could do for me.  One of his aids, Judy, told me about the House Rule but said that she could write something up letting people know that the federal victim's of crime legislation may need to be strengthened because it is not being adhered to.  Wonderful, I said.  Wonderful.  She also let me know that federal money for law enforcement is passed to the states and suggested I contact state government.

So, I contacted Deborah Newcomb's office.  I have dealt with Deborah Newcomb when she was a County Commissioner in Ashtabula County, when I was fighting for my granddaughter and for her then drug-addicted grandfather and uncle to be held accountable for their crimes.   I was highly impressed with her.   Anyway, her aid, Emily, told me that they had asked for more money for Ashtabula County Sheriff's Deparment and were not successful.  She also agreed with me that the laws passed by state legislatures are indeed laws and that it is NOT the role of prosecutors or law enforcement agencies or individual officers to decide that the criminal codes are not laws to be enforced.   It is, in fact, their job to enforce and uphold them.   She also said that they were being told and the community has been told, by Sheriff Johnson, that services would be provided as usual with regard to investigating crimes but that they would be delayed.  See this link for information on the state of law enforcement in Ashtabula County.   I told her they are exercising another option too: refusing to take reports, and/or, telling people like me that they have no one to investigate some crimes.   I can understand them needing some help, so yesterday I faxed a written request that they ask the FBI for help.   I never get the same answer when talking to FBI, over these last few years.  Sharyn Goldman and the Illinois State Police Internet Crimes Unit didn't get very far with them either, but after you talk to enough people, you get to some truths and clarity.  Yes, Dean trying to kill me by provoking my suicide and even the fraud he committed in tricking me into moving to Tucson is under FBI jurisdiction.  I finally got somewhere after the three acts of bigamy were undeniable in getting Springfield FBI agent Price McCarty to write up the contact so when they actually did do nothing, meaning the Sangamon County prosecutor, it could be passed on to a discrimination investigator there.  I haven't heard anything on that yet.  Anyway, I asked Deputy Chief Fenton to request help from the FBI after I heard from yet another person who saw this blog, a person who can offer more proof and information and testimony about Dean West's sociopathic and violent criminal background.

This case has never been a domestic violence case.   Dean West tried to kill me twice.

It is my opinion that the DV laws should be repealed anyway.  People should be charged with straight up assault and battery.  The DV industry, though they do a lot of good cannot be counted on to fight for the changes crime victims in general need.   Yes, we have witness/victim programs funded with government money, but guess who decides who the victim is in most instances?   The prosecutor.  Thank God that wasn't the case in Trumbull County when Linda Baer from Someplace Safe provided me, the defendent in a bogus case against me with court house victim's services, because I was the true victim.  I referred to Mike McIntosh in my last blog post here and haven't had time to put up the police report.  I will, in that entry and maybe a link in this one.  Someplace Safe was at that courthouse every day providing victim's services.  I think they are contracted to do so, or maybe they volunteer.  Either way, they were the only victim's services there. 

I haven't heard back from the Ashtabula County Commissioners yet.  

More to come.....

More information about all these matters can be found at with the guest password: information1   I have more documents there, but it is by no means all of them.  I have a stack about five inches thick.

July 13, 2010

So, I talked to Olivia at the Prosecutor's office in Ashtabula County.  She said it's true that they have no Detective bureau.   Hmm, the plot thickens but the bottom line is this crime victim is not being treated right....and I have new information, through another person contacting me through this blog, who shall remain nameless, that Dean West actually plotted to victimize older women, married or otherwise, he cared not.

Women beware of net men.  I was actually warned but once you are in the web, the emotional web of a sociopath, you can't even think straight.  Plus, he targets women with problems in the first place.  I was a hard nut to crack after all I had been through but he did it.  

And he looks for women who will lie for him and commit crimes for him themselves, even if it means libel and slander against another victim.  .....and the beat goes on, and meanwhile, Dean got what he wanted, he found a woman so desperate for his affection that she bought him a!  And.....she loaned him the money to get it off the condemned list!  Thousands of dollars!  That would be Kathy Warren. Meanwhile telling those around her he was a sociopath and a nut....   Some of those people didn't even know she remarried him!

For what will YOU sell your soul???

I pity these women, but when they lie about me to get whatever they need at the moment, like Kathleen Callahan who was truly homeless with NO family support and Kathy Warren who primarily cares about getting the money she loaned him back, it impacts MY life and my health and my well-being.   And, they even rationalize that I somehow deserved for him to try to kill me twice.   Wow, I called Kathy Warren an enabler!  
Well, she is!   Kathleen Callahan is way off emotionally/mentally, but if she is still with him, she gets to live in a rent free house.   What happened to her supposed conscience?   Her supposed compassion for those who hurt!   It was all a show!  

So, are some of these women sociopathic themselves?  
I am a giver.  And I stupidly forgave him and gave him grace.  And he used that to try to kill me a second time.   I can prove it.  

This citizen matters and so do you.  
(QUALIFICATION: The people discussed on this blog are or have been supposed directors of what have been purported to be charitable foundations, The Myria Foundation, and The Encyclopedia Foundation and so are public figures subject to public scrutiny of their character. I was a duped into becoming involved, first as a "director" of The Encyclopedia Foundation and then as a "Founding Director" of The Myria Foundation, verifiable with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. I paid to incorporate The Myria Foundation and I have a legal right to discuss this.  This is MY life, and I am a witness to crimes no one seems to want to do anything about. I have over 2 inches of documents and hours of wav. files to back me up and the alleged illegal behaviors here have been reported to the Attorney General's office in Illinois as well as the State's Attorney of Sangamon County and the Springfield Police, and are part of various court records.  It is my layman's opinion that Dean West is a sociopath, based on observed and documented behaviors.  He was recently on probation for resisting a peace officer and I know there is a warrant out for him violating the RO of one of his net victims in Paterson, New Jersey and to the best of my knowledge there is a warrant out of South Dakota right now also.  Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 440-285-2648. Google "Kathleen Callahan and Ambien" for links with information showing Kathleen Callahan is a public figure.  My friend Janet Makinen was involved in that suit as well and you can see her involvement if you google her name with Ambien.)

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