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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Third Branch ...Needs an Overhaul

This made me cry!  
Mom lashes out at crooked judge 
 The third branch lives in their own little world, and we citizens let them pass the laws that protect them and their corrupt greed, because most of us just don't have time to pay attention. Reforms of the legal systems in states needs to happen in state legislatures. This kid is dead but Dean West walks free! 
Here is more evidence of what Dean West has done: 
  Does the Sangamon County Prosecutor have this information? YES!   And, I filed a Motion to Modify the Dissolution of our non-existent, bigamous marriage last week in Sangamon County (case number:2008-D-000214).  Dean begged me not to attend that hearing, telling me we would be remarried by a minister because our "government" marriage had never been right because government is "evil."  What he was really trying to do was protect himself with a default court ruling against me because he was still afraid of being charged with the brutal beating shown in the pictures on the youtube video below (also posted in the left hand column of this blog)  

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