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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Police Report of Dean West's Alaska Arrest

This post will be a running list of links to police reports made against Dean West by women, and others.

Check back because I will add them as I have time to.


more to come

(QUALIFICATION: The people discussed on this blog are or have been supposed directors of what have been purported to be charitable foundations, The Myria Foundation, and The Encyclopedia Foundationand so are public figures subject to public scrutiny of their character. I was a duped into becoming involved, first as a "director" of The Encyclopedia Foundation and then as a "Founding Director" of The Myria Foundation, verifiable with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. I paid to incorporate The Myria Foundation and I have a legal right to discuss this.  This is MY life, and I am a witness to crimes no one seems to want to do anything about. I have over 2 inches of documents and hours of wav. files to back me up and the alleged illegal behaviors here have been reported to the Attorney General's office in Illinois, the Springfield Police Dept, Ashtabula County Sheriff in Ohio, Sangamon County Sheriff, prosecutors in both IL and OH, and are part of various court records.  It is my layman's opinion that Dean West is a sociopath, based on observed and documented behaviors.  He was recently charged with DV and prior to that was on probation for what began as aggravated battery against a police officer.  I know there is a warrant out for him violating the RO of one of his net victims in Paterson, New Jersey and there is a felony warrant out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota right now also for a sixth degree felony, violation of a stalking restraining order.  Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 440-285-2648. Google "Kathleen Callahan and Ambien" for links with information showing Kathleen Callahan is a public figure.  My friend Janet Makinen was involved in that suit as well and you can see her involvement if you google her name with Ambien.).


  1. Read the docket on the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk website.

    The judge was recused by the presiding judge. Duh, can't you read?

  2. It was thrown out, again.

    Move on

  3. No, it was not thrown out.

    The judge's secretary told me the judge didn't want to bring me back so soon because I am poor.

    He is reviewing the files.


    Go harass someone else. Dean West IS married to Sherry West and is a bigamist. She didn't get her subpoena until the day of the hearing because of a mix-up with the clerk that was docketed by the clerk. I later filed the signature card.

    If you keep harassing me here I will delete your posts and block you. Go back to the bowels of the net and leave me alone.

  4. I am not harrassing you, I am merely pointing out the bleedin' obvious.

    Why do some of the documents you have posted have a D.o.B on them and on others its been redacted ?

    Could it be they are not all for the same Dean West ?

  5. Freedom of information laws vary as to what is redacted and what is not.

    They are ALL the same Dean West and I have numerous other documents which are not posted here.

    For anyone reading this, Dr. Goats comes from what I call the bowels of the internet, the flame world, with the word bowel meaning exactly what it implies about that world. It is a world where people beat up on one another all day and night through typing nastiness into boxes and clicking send.

    Dr. Goats. The fact that you are asking me that means that you are on the verge of believing what Dean West is but wish it weren't so, since you have helped him harass his victims over the last several years. Yes, Dean West does have a violent history. The only DOB I have found to have been wrong is on an alaska court document, from an order of protection a co-worker of his tried to obtain. Alaska court records are all public records. Like I said, redaction policy and implementation depends on the jurisdiction's laws.

    Your stupid comment about me "moving on" is harassment. Refrain from comments like that or I will block you from posting anything here. Dean West sucked me into his sick world of lies and deceptions. I am not letting him hurt me anymore. Period. I want nothing to do with his sick self. And, I was taping him so I could prove he was nuts. So, even then I didn't want him. Duh.

  6. look at this link:
    Click on trial court records search.
    Then type in Dean West and up comes the court cases there. One has the wrong year off by one. I have the report and it is him. His place of employment is right there on the document I have. I have the court record.

    You don't know what you are talking about. And, you have harassed his victims. I have seen it myself.

    Now be gone. Go back to the bowels of the net where you belong.
    I am not letting him ruin my life and your telling me that lets me know you have no clue what he is doing. HE is harassing me! In real life.