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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am writing a book

I hereby lay claim as my intellectual property, the idea for my book and the working title copyrighted with this post (yes folks, you do not have to pay the government to be the true owner of a copyright or intellectual property or a trademark): "You Be The Judge, of how law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, attorneys, medical professionals, guardian ad litems, victim's advocates, and the victims themselves, have enabled and assisted one man in his continuing victimization of others."

My recent visit to Court, in which the judge based his decision on my pleadings, in affirming from the bench that my 1st amendment rights were interfered with, as the result of what I still assert was fraud upon the Court (though I withdrew my motion, my claim is still valid) has convinced me that I cannot put on a performance, as an attorney might, in a court of law.  I call it a performance because that is what open court hearings often are, performances with points given for things which have little to do with justice or the truth.  After driving all night, because I had no money for a hotel room, I certainly wasn't at my best.   I have PTSD and was, of course, impacted by that, in spite of the fact that the judge agreed to grant me accommodations under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).  Plus, I had helped my daughter quite a bit recently, when she hurt her Achilles tendon and more recently with her move to a new home.  I told the judge I was not prepared and I didn't want to waste everyone's time.  We all have our talents and strengths and of mine is writing.  Judge Otwell stated in the docket entry that his decision was based on my pleadings, and they were numerous.

This book will not be written for profit.  I plan to publish it myself at this point, and if there is any money to be had for it or anything to do with it, that money will be put in a fund for disbursement to any person who can lay honest claim to having been one of his victims.   I have personal knowledge that some of the victims have suffered great hardships due to the havoc wreaked on their lives by this man.   All they will have to do is put in writing that they claim to have been victimized, when and how, privately or publicly.   Perhaps this would help those who have had to bite bullets as they say, in order not to suffer more losses at his hand, to derive more from admitting to the reality of it all, than in enabling and assisting him in the continuation of the fantasies and frauds, by any means: inaction or action, or even by just not speaking out against it.  People have actually signed documents in support of lies, knowing they were lies, but no matter, if they claim victimization under the aforementioned conditions, they will be entitled, for they are entitled.   There will be equal distribution at set times between whoever has come forward, as I said, privately or publicly and it will not just be decided by myself.   That is my promise. 

I have had PTSD since childhood.  It has impacted my life since then.  Because I really wish to overcome the symptoms, I have adopted a personal life philosophy of striving to know and walk in objective reality.  Now that I have had some practice living this way, it is amazing to me how many people want others to walk in their unreality.   People will actually fight for unreality, whatever it is, because facing reality or acting based on reality may not meet their perceived immediate need.   I can honestly say that reality based decisions may be temporarily harder to take, but in the long run one is better off, and so are others impacted by our decisions.  "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another," says the Bible in the book of Proverbs.  Life is action and consequence, action and reaction, decision and impact, most of the time.  What we do or do not do impacts others in ways we do not even know about.  Even those plagued with pain of the past, can change our thinking and live life soberly, realizing that our decisions impact others, not just ourselves.  I have learned that people can even be selfish in their victim-hood and that sociopaths can and do exploit that human weakness. 

Robin West (I plan to return to Robin Neff after my invalidity/annulment is granted, and it will be, for the objective reality is that the marriage was void at it's inception, and so the dissolution was also void.)

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