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Monday, December 19, 2011

He threatened "to rape" his ex-wife "with a broom stick" if.....

This text is a link to a public record, a petition I filed with the Sangamon County Court in February this year.  Through a series of mishaps, including BLATANT lies by the man I believe to be a sociopath, Dean West, the whole thing became yet another frustrating process in my quest for justice.  If you go to the online docket for that court, you can see that Judge Braud was replaced by Judge Otwell.  On October 31st, Judge Otwell addressed the issue of the invalidity/bigamy case and said that I could get a phone conference if I file a motion on it, for I do have a right to an annulment under the law.  Dean West was, at the time of our marriage, married to Sherry West.  As far as I know, he is still married to her.  I subpoenaed Sherry West, because by the time of the hearing in August, 2011, I had found her, but the subpoena didn't get to her until the day of the hearing, which was too late.  I subpoenaed her again  but she refused to sign for it, knowing what was in the envelope.  Mr. West blatantly attempted to commit fraud upon the court.  On October 31st, Sangamon County Sheriff Captain Joe Rush testified in court that the sheriff doesn't have the funds to investigate what they believe to be "civil" matters.  In other words, there are laws in the criminal code that law enforcement and prosecutors choose not to handle, because they believe that they can be handled in a civil court.  This trend in law enforcement, occurring across the country, denies justice to the poor who cannot afford an attorney and who aren't able to file court cases themselves, for whatever reason.

The text I am linking to contains an excerpt from a MySpace conversation I had with Dean West's adopted son.  In that conversation, I inquired as to why Sherry West never filed for divorce.  I was told that the adopted son believes that she was in fear of her life if she did, and that when he was 12 and stood up to Mr. West in her defense, he got the "crap beat out" of him and was told that if he did that again his mother would be raped with a broom stick.   Mr. West threatened me in similar ways, as is his provable repeated habit and fashion, as told to me by several of his other victims.   The older son had googled Mr. West's name one day, found my blog, and then called me on the phone, for I am not anonymous. My phone number is right here for anyone to reach me about these matters.  When he called me, he recounted horror stories about growing up with Mr. West and said that his younger brother had it worse than he did.  He also told me that Mr. West had used both boy's social security numbers and had ruined their credit, but that he was afraid it would hurt his mother if he reported it.  She was reportedly suffering under much abuse and duress, so I do not believe it would be held against her.  I am breaking the silence by writing about it here.  Why isn't law enforcement doing anything about it?

I reported it all to the police, the FBI, and to the prosecutors in two states.

To anyone currently under his spell, you should be aware that Mr. West lies and lies and lies.  Everything about him is a lie, even his stated political and moral and religious beliefs.  His purpose, in my opinion, which is based on a provable pattern of behavior based on evidence, police reports, court documents, and on conversations with several of his other victims, is to prey on others.  Yes, he will file lies with courts.  He is bold about it, for he believes that people will assume that if he has the guts to file it, it may be true to some extent.   He used to blog about being against violence against women to impress women he was pursuing on the internet, meanwhile, at the very same time, he was allegedly abusing his wife Sherry West and his adopted sons.  He acts now as if he is against rape, but I am not the only woman he has been accused of harming in such a way. The police (the Springfield Police and the Sangamon County Sheiff) have the time-lines, most of the police reports,  and have even spoken personally to the S. Dakota victim and the New Jersey victims.   Numerous police reports have been made against him by various people in Sangamon County.  Some of the police reports made against him can be viewed by clicking this text.

I am writing a book about all this and it will include court documents, police reports, court transcripts and recorded conversations in an accompanying CD.   My quest for justice is not over.  I have an appeal pending before the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  I filed a complaint of judicial misconduct against Judge Mills, and have a deadline to file my appellate brief of January 13, 2012.   I am not a lawyer, and after this last go round on October 31, 2011, I realize I could never be one.  I can't perform in live court.  I can't think fast enough and am not good at asserting myself verbally, largely due to my having PTSD.   Mr. West used to talk me in circles that made my head spin.  He tried to do that in open court and in court documents.  I am grateful to God that I can write, for thanks to my many pleadings, I had a victory on October 31, 2011 and Judge Otwell ruled in favor of the First Amendment to the Constitution and my freedom of speech, including my freedom to share what happened to me on this blog.  I love our U.S. Constitution and our freedoms.  It is my hope, as an activist for crime victim's rights, to assert my right and the right of all, to be free from threat of criminal behavior and harmful behavior of all kinds.  I hope for changes in law that will make it more difficult for people to get away with hurting others.  Reflecting on what Dean West's adopted sons told me about the abuses they and their mother suffered, renews my confidence that in trying to make him accountable for what he has done to so many women and children and for what he did and is doing to me, I am truly fighting the good fight.

To view some of the police reports made against Mr. West, look under "Links Worth Clicking" in the left column of this blog.  I haven't yet posted all I have in my possession.  Also, he was a self-proclaimed hobo who lived in every state but Hawaii for about ten years so there are likely other police reports and marriages out there.  

I also want to add that police reports should be public information everywhere.  I ran into the differences amongst jurisdiction when I requested police reports involving Mr. West as the alleged perp in S. Lake Tahoe California, Sioux Falls, SD.  I had to send subpoenas.  Redaction policies differ too.  When people can commit crimes and simply move to another state, within the United States without consequence and it leads to more victimization, something is wrong.  That shouldn't be the case in this modern information age.  When the Springfield Police did a background check, Mr. West's warrant out of S. Dakota from his indictment there didn't even show up!
Some of the people discussed on this blog are or have been supposed directors of what have been purported to be charitable foundations, The Myria Foundation, and The Encyclopedia Foundation, and so are public figures subject to public scrutiny of their character. I was a duped into becoming involved, first as a "director" of The Encyclopedia Foundation and then as a "Founding Director" of The Myria Foundation, which I co-created, verifiable with the Illinois Secretary of State's office. I paid to incorporate The Myria Foundation and I have a legal right to discuss it. This is MY life, and I am a witness to and victim of crimes no one seems to want to do anything about (though last I knew there is an open criminal case against him in Sangamon County). I have over 2 feet of documents and hours of wav. files to back me up and the alleged illegal behaviors I write about here have been reported to the FBI, the Attorney General's office in Illinois, the State's Attorney of Sangamon County and the Springfield Police, the Ashtabula County, Oh, Sheriff and prosecutor, the Sangamon County, IL, Sheriff, and are part of various court records. It is my layman's opinion that Dean West is a sociopath, based on observed and documented behaviors. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." As a good citizen of the USA, I am outraged that Mr. West has been allowed to victimize me. His modus operandi is so clear. He uses his current female victim/s to help him get away with what he did to the last one. The domestic violence community is missing the boat on that aspect: women who stay in abusive relationships are sick. Allowing them to determine public policy and prosecution does not protect the public. Most men who beat women do not murder, they simply move on to the next victim. Most recently, Mr. West was charged with Domestic Violence against yet another female partner/director of the "foundation" (but she didn't show up at the trial and Judge Sanchez wouldn't grant the prosecutor a continuance to find her!) and just prior to that was on probation for resisting a peace officer, which started out as assault of a police officer. I know there is a warrant out for him violating the RO of one of his net victims in Paterson, New Jersey and there is a felony warrant for him out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota right now also for a sixth degree felony, violation of a stalking restraining order. Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 440-285-2648 . (Google "Kathleen Callahan and Ambien" and "Janet Makinen and Ambien" for links with information showing Kathleen Callahan was a public figure prior to becoming a director. I, Robin D. West, am the sole owner of this blog and claim copyrights to it's content and to the intellectual property contained herein.

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