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Saturday, March 3, 2012

God Bless Chardon, Ohio

I have felt blessed to have landed here after the turmoil Dean West caused in my life, my stable life, having lived in Orwell for almost a decade before he tricked me into moving to Tucson.  I won't go into those details at this time.  I worked in this town at Chardon Assisted Living in 2008, and that jerk happily took a good bit of my money from it.  I don't do drugs, don't smoke stinky cigarettes, hardly ever drink, and most of my adult life anything I have had has been poured into my kids and grandchildren.  I moved to Chardon in 2009 and shared a house with my daughter and grandkids for two years, with most of my income going toward the rent.  Now I live in what I call a paradise in the Woods of Burlington.   I knew I lived in a special place, but the way this town and Geauga County have pulled together during this tragedy has convinced me to the the nth degree.

God Bless Chardon for steadfast hearts, turning to faith and one another in a horrible time of tragedy!

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