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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Virtual Candlelight Vigil for Newtown, Connecticut

This virtual candlelight vigil began on the photographer's blog for Amelia Andeleon.  I wasn't going to put up a post about the Newtown shooting, but after President Obama's press conference today announcing the task force to be headed by Vice President Biden, I changed a letter I had written to my senators and reps, both federal and state, and sent the letter below to our representative-elect David Joyce.  This blog has received about 17,000 hits since it was started in 2009, so maybe I can make an itty bitty difference. "Enough is enough," many are saying at this time.  I agree, on so many levels.  Thanks to a grand jury in S. Dakota (see google docs link at the top left or the right column for evidence of warrant) there is a warrant for Dean West's arrest, so that nut shouldn't be able to purchase a gun where there is a background check.  The warrant doesn't always show up because unbeknownst to many Americans, all warrants are not national.  It depends on whether the state will pay for extradition.  As it is, Sioux Falls will only pay for his extradition from a state adjacent to S. Dakota.

I love America and want to see us continually become better than what we are.   There will always be need for change and growth and we desperately need to solve this problem.  If you feel strongly that "enough is enough" make your voice heard!  Just Google to find the e-mail addresses for your particular leaders.  Write one heartfelt letter that you can copy and paste to save time.  I wrote to the NRA and another gun owner's rights group also, prior to their press conference Friday.: 
 "Hi, I live in Chardon Ohio and this is what I wrote my Congressman-elect. I sent something similar to other officials. Required education for ALL gun owners would grow an industry. It is a win win, in my opinion. Please consider taking an opinion to require it. The trainers could observe the people taking the class for anyone who seems unstable also, alerting authorities to that. With rights come responsibilities.
Dear Mr. Joyce,

Since you are now congressman-elect, you will be dealing with any proposed legislation regarding gun violence. As a fellow resident of Geauga County, and as prosecutor over the Chardon s
chool shooting case, I am sure you have strong feelings about people who shouldn't have access, having access to guns. I am so sad over what happened in Connecticut. I have been crying over it.

However, it is clear from the details in the matter that she did not have her weapons effectively secured. Nor did she, apparently, have an understanding that she should have them secured from her son!

I think that to own any gun, a person should have to take classes and pass tests. We don't let people drive cars without a license. People shouldn't be able to own guns without proper training. And I don't think current gun owners should be grandfathered in if there is such a requirement. I believe part of that education should be proper securing of your weapon and about using good judgment when the guns are accessible! You can't legislate common sense, some say, but you can educate people and expect them to pass a test which would indicate that they have at least been exposed to common sense. Obviously economic status doesn't indicate common sense or that mother would not have given a son with behavior issues access to her guns! Something similar happened here!

We are giving machine guns to Islamic extremists to fight other Arabs but our own citizens won't be able to own semi-automatic rifles? That is not right.

Also, I am sick of turning on basic cable to surf for something to watch and see R rated violence pop up on my screen. Horrific realistic violence. I am an adult who lived through domestic violence in my home as a child. Being exposed to that violence had lifelong effect on me and my siblings. Because I was born in 1959, I did not also have to see graphic violence on tv, nor were there video games where young men practice mowing people down for hours on end. I saw Lavar Burton, of Roots and Reading Rainbow fame, on an HLN show hemming and hawing while reluctantly criticizing Tarantino, the violent film director. Seems he was against our children seeing such violence in movies but didn't want to step hard on big Hollywood toes at the same time. Frankly, I wonder about the mental health of anyone who writes or directs or films, or even acts in such graphically violent films. I also wonder about the people who create such violent video games. Yet every day, we, as a nation, allow children to be exposed to such things, put out by strangers, filling their minds with killing and violence, and yes, traumatizing them!

Reducing violence in our media and culture while helping those with mental illness, as well as required education for gun owners are three things I am in favor of.

Please fight for these things.

Robin West" 

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