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Friday, February 27, 2015

Change the Courts; Change the Nation

Our courts are a remnant of the monarchical past and the thinking that goes along with getting along in them is in extreme opposition to liberty.
First, give attorneys back their full constitutional rights to free speech.
Change "officers of the court" to advocates before the court.
Make the courts pro se friendly.
Change the rules that protect bad decisions with regard to filing motions to correct mistakes. Wrong is wrong, and a court proclaiming lies are truth doesn't make them truth in actual objective reality.
Make finding objective reality the stated goal of presiding over all issues.

Don't reduce the standards of evidence, but enforce them equally in all courts! Right now the rules of evidence are mostly enforced in criminal courts and even there, innocent people go to jail.

All these things would change the mentality from monarchical to that of public servants.
End immunity for any and all who collect a government check, the people's money.
Make all grievances public information, to protect the people and the people complaining.

Changing the thinking of those who work in the legal system is key to changing the nation because statistically attorneys are the most likely to become politicians aka, "leaders." The mentality of, "leaders," sets the tone for all other government positions. How can lawyers fully appreciate fundamental rights of citizens if a required part of obtaining and keeping their job is giving them up?   

There are broader issues the trend in our courts impact and are a result of. There is the underlying lack of regard for constitutional rights and the fact that lawyers give theirs up to become officers of the court. There is the monarchical folly that is our third branch. It needs to be dismantled as it is. The skeleton can stay, and some of the organs, like the heart, which would be the idea of justice for all. The notion that the legal cult is a separate class of people, who are not accountable like the regular folk needs to go! I could go on and on but I won't. Number one in my life is my family. I would say that is true for most people, no matter who they call family . Are there enough non-brainwashed legal cult members to even get these ideas of freedom? Or, are there enough with the will to change it? I am not the first person to realize these things about our third branch.

There is a common sense bible verse in James 1:8 that can be modified to apply to the inner conflict lawyers face, the conflict between being forced to succumb to tyranny and the freedom to speak out against it; they are "double-minded and unstable in all they do." So, logic dictates the outcome, evident in many of the problems our nation continually faces, problems that seem to never be solved.

I believe there is little hope for the shift we need to see as a nation until the thinking of lawyers is changed, for it impacts morals and ethics that are applied every day, in all matters. History supports the notion that changes in thought are fundamental to societies moving toward freedom and away from tyranny.

The views expressed here are my opinions, as all the views expressed on this blog are my opinions. Two of my ancestors fought for our freedom from tyranny in the American Revolutionary War, Richard Tennant and John Boone. I love the First Amendment and freedom, love to the very core of my being.

From Desmond Tutu's An African Prayer Book:
Goodness is stronger than evil, Love is stronger than hate;
Light is stronger than darkness, life is stronger than death;
Victory is ours, Victory is ours
through God who loves us.
Victory is ours, Victory is ours
through God who loves us.
Music by John Bell

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