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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our HORRIBLE Foster System

Can't write much at this moment.  I just want to put this out there to help this cause along, since people actually do read this blog.
There is national legislation being proposed to address the horrors of our foster care system.
Foster Youth and Advocates React to Proposed Families First Actby Matt HartmanJanuary 5, 2016Foster Youth in Action, a national foster youth advocacy organization, hosted a webinar just before the holidays wherein youth and advocates shared their thoughts on the proposed Families First Act and other policy issues.* 
...The act seemingly seeks to address a major complaint by advocates that therapeutic group homes are often used as long-term placement options for youth who don’t need them.While the bill may have many potential benefits for youth, advocates are concerned that the bill is doing little to change the system itself. Advocates also point out that the act forces youth out of group homes while providing no alternatives or increased foster parent recruitment strategies to ensure former group home residents have stable places to live.
Group home reform is also in the works at the state level. Alice Bussiere, a staff attorney at Youth Law Center, based in San Francisco, Calif., outlined some of these state-based changes.
In reference to group home placement, Bussiere stated, “Many are there [in group homes] by default, just because nobody’s found another place,” which is a major point in most state-based changes. In Maine, for example, the state government partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to develop more family-based care options and shift away from group homes.
Currently, Washington, Hawaii and Oregon have the highest rates of family-based care. According to Bussiere, the reason is, “Nothing really in specific, except they all really value families.”
God Bless this girl for speaking out about the foster system! I mean it, God bless her. We think we have evolved on so many issues in this nation, with our "modern enlightenment," but on some issues we are just not.   FROM: HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CHILDRENSRIGHTS/?FREF=NF  
"Twenty-two-year old Heather Matheson has spent the last four and a half years speaking out about her time in state care. “I learned my silence would perpetuate other youth feeling ashamed and alone in their struggle,” she writes in the Chronicle of Social Change. “Telling my story wasn’t always easy … but taking an active role in change is way more satisfying than watching it happen from the sidelines.”

From ages 13 to 18, I hated everything about the child welfare system: my social workers, my foster placements, court dates–you name it, I hated it. I…

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