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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stop the Madness in our Children's Systems! Remember the Holocaust!

This girl's story is so moving.  I first saw it on Children's Rights dot Org Facebook page. I believe that narcissistic sadism and sociopathic behaviors are on the rise among the legal profession and that has had a direct influence on the children's systems. I went to school with social work majors and they are often not the brightest academically in colleges. In fact, YSU in Ohio had Social Work majors actually protesting having to take Anatomy and Physiology because it was too hard for them?(see end of comment!) In her book, "The Sociopath Next Door," PhD Martha Stout addresses the lack of empathy and conscience in our culture and says that lawyers are a profession with a high number of sociopaths and people who engage in sociopathic behaviors. I can attest to the sadism I have seen. They are doing to children what the Battered Women's Movement has listed on their pamphlets and brochures as abuse for many years! And so there should be no wonder at what doing that to children produces. The lessons of the Holocaust should be applied to our Children's Systems and the abuse of power of the government employees. My point about the Social Work majors has to do with their tendency NOT to stand up to the brutal judges and lawyers they work with. And their lack of ability to stand and articulate what they are seeing, even if their conscience does bother them.  I challenge everyone to get involved and make your voice heard for these seemingly forgotten people in our society.   

....Greta’s foster care experience began at a group home. “The little freedoms I took for granted were suddenly gone … I was able to interact with the outside world, but only on trips in the big blue van. I felt like a criminal,” she writes.
Greta is now a foster youth liaison, advocating and working with young people transitioning out of foster care. “I can and do demonstrate that thriving is possible. I remember when surviving felt like a chore.”

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